Building Automation

Building Automation

Building Management System

Due to the continued rise in the cost of energy, the operating costs for buildings with a high demand for electricity also keep rising. HVAC system consumes about 70% of energy consumption in a building and so its very important to have measures to control it.

Reducing such operational costs is fundamental for most buildings, especially with various energy-saving policies. Monitoring and managing the use of energy allows for efficient service as well as optimum power utilization. As a result, there will be better site performance and asset management.

Designed to provide optimal control over a building’s mechanical and electrical systems, BMS will interface seamlessly to other systems, such as HVAC, emergency lighting, Emergency lighting, Access control, Fire alarm systems, lighting etc

Benefits OF BMS

Coordinated functionality and control of all building systems
Reduced energy consumption and operating costs
Efficient operation of building system
Improved occupant comfort
Notification of equipment malfunction

Partnering with globally approved brands, we provide intelligent and integrated BMS that can efficiently connect HVAC, lighting, security, and other automated systems deployed in any building


Home Automation System

Home Automation systems enable consumers to easily monitor and control light, temperature, energy consumption, and electrical devices through a single device. This leads to reduced energy consumption and energy savings, as much as up to 30 %, while still maintaining a high level of comfort.  We can easily and intuitively control heating, lighting and electrical devices the same way we control home security ,energy consumption and audio visual devices .You have control over everything at all times in your living spaces at the touch of a button.


We provide customized home automation solutions based on KNX protocol is one of the most accepted automation systems all over the world

Guestroom Management System

Guest rooms are unoccupied 70% of the time, yet account for 40-80% of hotel energy consumption. While enjoying their rooms, guests expect a personalized, connected, intuitive digital experience. They want comfort, convenience and control.

Benefits OF GMS

Energy Savings
The biggest energy consuming element of a hotel is the HVAC system. Guests leave the AC on and leave the hotel. Many times the guest has checked out leaving the AC on and until the next guest checks in that room, the AC is on. Same is true for lighting and other loads. The Room management system ensures that AC is put to energy saving mode and all unwanted loads kept off when not required.

We provide intelligent automation platform allows you to develop and deploy targeted solutions that dramatically reduce energy consumption, improve operation efficiency with truly measurable results and create a more luxurious customer experience.


Standalone Motion System

In applications, where there the design is not prompting to use any dedicated lighting control systems but at the same time there is a need to save the energy , the usage of standalone motion and presence sensors which works in standard 240V supply can be an ideal solution.

Significant energy savings can be achieved by replacing conventional switches with wall mount and ceiling sensors.

Sensor Benefits

Our team of experts can help you in the design, supply and installation of conventional motion and presence sensors for multiple applications.

Commercial Automation System

A smart and innovative automation system when installed in various commercial applications can significantly reduce the energy needs as well provide convenience and security. The following are few types of commercial building where automation systems if installed can make significant reduction in operation costs – meeting rooms, restaurants, clinics, offices, healthcare facilities, retail outlets.

Commercial Automation System
Commercial Automation System

Our team of experts can provide tailor made solutions related to HVAC control , lighting controls, shades control, Audio visual systems for any commercial building.

Lighting And Shading Control System

Lighting consumes about 20% of the energy in any building. So it is mandatory to have products that facilitate the reduction of energy consumption. This involves use of motion/presence sensors, lux sensors, blind controls and other automation systems. In addition to the above products, it is quite important to have integration capabilities that support multiple protocols. Lighting control strategies, and daylight harvesting in particular, have a variety of efficiency benefits including: reducing lighting energy, helping to minimize peak demand, and helping to reduce HVAC loads.


We provide comprehensive lighting control and shading control system based on KNX protocol.