Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity Audit

Cybersecurity Audit

Validate your cybersecurity policies.

Your Organization has a Number of Policies in Place

Is your policy being enforced? Do your policies present any loopholes that may cause any potential breaches?

The purpose of a cybersecurity audit is to act as a checklist that validates all your policies, processes, and tools. We come on-site, conduct interviews, comb through your policies, and put together a snapshot of your cybersecurity for your review. We help you make sure that what you’ve said in a policy is actually happening and, if not, how to enforce it.

Remember, a cybersecurity audit is not a cybersecurity assessment. Audits only list the processes, policies, tools and controls you have in place whereas cybersecurity assessment tests the effectiveness of these controls. For more on a security assessment, click here.

Ensure Compliance

We make sure you are compliant with global standards and regulations.

Alignment of Security and Business Goals

We deliver an in-depth analysis of your internal and external practices and systems.

Evaluate Flow of Data within your Business

We recommend how to leverage information technology in your business security.

Identify Problematic Areas

Determine whether you must alter security policies and standards or not.