Penetration Test

Penetration Test

Penetration Test

Simulated attack performed to evaluate your organization’s security.

Identify Both Weaknesses and Strengths

Get information on existing vulnerabilities (weaknesses), find out the consequences of any exploitation, and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented security measures (strengths).

Implementing this service enables you to plan further actions to fix all detected flaws and improve security. A penetration test can be a white box – where the organization provides us with background and system information, black box – where the organization provides us with no information, and grey box – having only partial knowledge of the organization. After a penetration test, a report will be provided to the organization containing a list of all potential impacts as well as suggested countermeasures to reduce risk.

This method allows IT departments to gain assurance in their security. We offer two approaches to a penetration test – An independent company can perform the test or through a security vendor, our partners Kaspersky Lab. We can help you determine which approach is better for your organization.

External Penetration Test

Security assessment carried out from outside the organization’s environment.

Internal Penetration Test

Security assessment simulating an internal attack such as an attack from a visitor or contractor.

Social Engineering Testing

An assessment of your employee’s security awareness that simulates social engineering attacks such as phishing.

Wireless Networks Security Assessment

Experts will visit your site and analyze your Wi-Fi security controls.