Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Security Assessment

Find out how susceptible the network is to various vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities Expose your Organization’s Assets to Harm

Also known as a Vulnerability Assessment, a security assessment only identifies all vulnerabilities.

You may wonder the difference is between a Penetration Test and a Security Assessment. A security assessment identifies vulnerabilities while a Penetration Test identifies vulnerabilities and exploits them.

Whether you create applications internally or purchase products from third parties, you should know that a single coding error can create a vulnerability. This vulnerability can expose your business to attacks which might result in considerable financial and reputational damage. Vulnerabilities can surface from coding, updates, configurations, etc. however not all vulnerabilities are genuine. Keep in mind that while a security assessment will provide you with a list of vulnerabilities, some might be genuine and others false positives. The only way to determine whether or not a vulnerability is a threat is by exploiting them with a penetration test.

A security assessment from independent companies and well-renowned security vendors is available.

Black-Box Testing

Emulating an external attacker without prior knowledge of the application’s internal structures and workings.

White-Box Testing

Analysis with full access to the application’s source codes.

Grey-Box Testing

Emulating legitimate users with a range of profiles.

Application Firewall Effectiveness Assessment

Testing with and without the firewall enabled to verify whether potential exploits are blocked.