Advanced Cybersecurity Training

Advanced Cybersecurity Training

Advanced Cybersecurity Training

People, Process, Technology – The Golden Triangle

Select the Right People, Create Optimal Processes, Implement Next-Gen Technology

Most organizations face the in-house vs. outsource decision – do we hire a team of specialists to manage our security, or do we simply outsource it?

Having a security unit dedicated to monitoring and analyzing your organization’s security status 24x7x365 is essential. Some organizations task their IT department with cybersecurity responsibilities. In the past, that might have worked, as cybersecurity wasn’t a big threat. Today, most organizations are separating their IT team from their security team, creating a specialized cybersecurity department in charge of handling all security-related tasks. This team can be a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team), a SOC (Security Operations Center) team, or a CSIRT (Cybersecurity Incident Response Team). Those all have something in common – they are all incident response teams. These teams are necessary to detect, analyze, and respond to any cybersecurity incident.

Most organizations face a tough decision – do we hire our own team, or do we outsource the work to an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

MSSPs In-House IR Team
Offer dedicated staff to those without information security staff to monitor security events 24/7 and provide in-depth information security expertise MSSPs provide their best services to organizations that pay the most. Forming an in-house team gives you complete control over your security
Spot patterns across many customers to provide advanced warning on new potential threats Will need to work and coordinate with internal and external teams to effectively manage crisis situations
Will use general knowledge gained from several organization to address issues MSSPs do not have in-depth knowledge of your organization’s policies, procedures, and overall IT environment as your SOC/IR would
MSSPs provide standardized practices for optimization purposes to provide security services to many customers Will create optimal customized services, processes, and procedures specifically for your organization’s needs
Will store and transmit security data at various MSSP locations that could be located anywhere globally Store security data only at a secure location of your choosing

Training your own dedicated team or hiring an MSSP will cost far less than recovering from an attack. Contact us to see for a free consultation on what is a better fit for your organization.