CSMG – Cybersafety Management Games

Immersive learning and motivational experience to promote cyber-secure decision making by line managers.

Convert Managers into Cybersecurity Supporters and Advocates

Does your manager encourage the use of cybersafety skills in your daily work? Do they regard cybersecurity as an essential part of business efficiency? Can they motivate employees to care more about security – or are they not motivated themselves?

CSMG provides managers with competence, knowledge, and attitudes essential to maintain a secure working environment in their divisions. Managers can make business decisions that take into consideration cybersafety requirements based not only on corporate policies but also on a deep understanding of cybercriminal behavior patterns, social engineering techniques, and common sense.

The program combines gamification with comprehensive coverage of security topics, examples, explanations, and exercises. It is divided into short modules and runs for a maximum time of 4 hours. Teams will go through virtual enterprises, encounter various sources of cyberthreats, and try to mitigate all threats through the use of step-by-step exercises, integrating cartoons, live interaction, tests and guidance.


Adoption of cybersecurity measures through an important yet uncomplicated time-consuming set of actions.


See daily work processes through a cybersafety lens.

Cybersafe Decision Making

Take into account cybersecurity considerations for the integral parts of your business processes.

Reinforcement and Inspiration

Learn how influential leadership and helpful advice can create a cybersafe environment.