IDRAK Security Awareness Training

Blended learning approach combining the best of online and offline training.

Combine Both Live and Online Training to Get the Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to cybersecurity, continuous training is a must. Multiple sessions throughout the year is necessary to maintain a secure organization.

iSAT, IDRAK Security Awareness Training, is a comprehensive awareness solution comprised of Radea – a classroom-based training that covers all cybersecurity fundamentals – and KnowBe4 – an online platform capable of remotely delivering cybersecurity activities in English and Arabic. iSAT was the result of over three years of content creation, development, and testing. The program is built in cooperation with Kuwaiti training company IDRAK.

The human layer security is the next era of cybersecurity. With cyberattacks exponentially rising, your employees need to be your first line of defense. Practicing cybersecurity rather than simply securing your networks and devices focuses on stopping people from making mistakes and being tricked by cybercriminals.

Having multiple awareness sessions throughout the year is key to maintaining a high level of awareness. Hermann Ebbinghaus studied how a person’s memory retention declines over time. Four weeks after having the first repetition, an individual’s memory retention is reduced to less than 20%. Having at least 3 repetitions a year will keep the memory retention over 60%. With iSAT, you gain access to continuous training throughout the year to ensure your employees are prepared for any potential attack.

Blended Learning

Get the benefits and advantages of conducting both an online and offline training.

Continuous Training

Deliver activities, exercises, assessments at any time throughout the year.

Maintain a Cybersecurity Culture

Keep security at the top of your employees’ mind at all times by continuously challenging them.

Keep Track of Performance

Know your weak points at all times and be able to address them immediately.