KIPS – Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Build a Cybersafe Environment

Implement a Top-Down Approach for a better Cybersecurity Culture

One of the biggest security challenges is that different senior management roles view cybersecurity from different perspectives and have different priorities.

KIPS is an exercise that places business decision makers and IT security teams from corporations and government departments into a simulated business environment facing a series of unexpected cyber threats, while trying to maximize profit and maintain confidence.

The idea is to build a cyber defense strategy. Every reaction made by the teams to the unfolding events changes the way the scenario plays out, and ultimately how much profit the company makes or fails to make. Balancing engineering, business, and security priorities against the cost of a realistic cyberattack, the teams analyze data and make strategic decisions based on uncertain information and limited resources. If that sounds realistic, it should do, because each of the scenarios is based on real-life events.

KIPS training is targeted at business system experts, IT people and line managers.  The exercise increases their awareness of the risks and security problems of running modern computerized systems. Each of the competing teams is tasked with running their simulated environment – which is either custom-made or is selected from our list of scenarios which includes Corporation, Oil & Gas, Bank, Transportation, Government, and more! The teams will face cyberattacks negatively impacting their organization. In order to defend their enterprise, each team has to take strategic, managerial and technical decisions.

Customizable Program

Our scenarios don’t fit your company? No problem! We can custom-build the game to simulate your organization’s environment.


Tired of lectures? Change it up! Learning through games develops a better understanding of cybersecurity measures.

Compete in Teams

Team-work builds cooperation. Competition fosters initiative & analysis skill. Cooperation between Business and IT is essential.

Make Better Decisions

Establish a better security understanding among senior managers and decision makers. Increase your awareness of the risks and security problems.