World’s most popular integrated platform for security awareness training.

Employees are the Weakest Link in an Organization’s IT Security.

Old school security awareness training isn’t sufficient anymore.

Today, your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. After training, employees need to stay on their toes and always keep security at the top of their mind.

Our partner, KnowBe4, is the world’s largest integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform with over 30,000+ customers. The platform allows you to better manage the urgent IT security problems of social engineering, phishing and ransomware attacks. Interactive modules, videos, games, posters, newsletters, and much more are available using this online platform.

The user-friendly platform gives you self-service enrollment, pre- and post-training phishing security tests that show you the percentage of end-users that are phish-prone. On average, organizations usually have a 30% phish-prone rate meaning out of every 100 employees, 30 are susceptible to cyber-attacks. With KnowBe4, you can reduce that rate to 2% after oneyear – meaning 2 out of 100 employees will be susceptible to cyber-attacks!

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