Radea ®

Radea ®


Non-technical live awareness training built for all employees.

Your Employees are the First and Last Layer to Your Security

Cybersecurity is transitioning from a purchase-and-prevent method to a prepare-and-protect approach.

The first step to protecting any organization is to invest in the employees rather than technology. Humans are the first layer to any organization’s security. You train your employees, and your company’s risks will be reduced drastically.

Our program was built in-house by our cybersecurity team in collaboration with IDRAK. We provide you with cybersecurity scenarios relevant to our region and examples that occurred in the Middle East! The program is delivered live in a classroom. It is a non-technical training program meaning it is applicable to any employee within an organization regardless of their technical level. Radea is also a fully customizable program. Need it for management? Need it for a specific department? We work with you to customize it according to your requirements.