Extra Low Voltage Systems

Extra Low Voltage Systems

Extra low voltage systems form an integral part of any building and plays a vital role in the proper operation of any facility. We provide design, testing and commissioning of the following ELV systems: Passive and active network components, CCTV, Audio Visual, Access control, Gate Barrier, Public Address, Master clock, IP TV, Intercom, Fire Alarm.

ICON Contracting Co. specializes in the design, installation, and supply of security systems. We are differentiated in the marketplace because we focus on the creation of value for our customers. We believe value is created by providing readily customized security solutions through our new product developments and improvements.

ION Contracting Co. guaranteed the highest level of service with high quality products and service that we stand behind. We look to working with you to satisfy your security needs.

Security Solutions

Public Address & Audio Visual

Public Address & Audio Visual

Founded by industry veterans with a long standing experience in the region, the company is the culmination of over 5 years of experience in the audio visual industry. Based in Kuwait and expanded its business scope to cater for the ever-booming entertainment technology industry, providing its clients with end-to-end support and project solutions

Network Passive Solutions

We have specialized experience in most areas of the Data and telecommunications sector. In response to the increased demands made on the cabling infrastructure the range of Enterprise Network Solutions products includes passive and active products for terminating, connecting and storing copper and fiber optic cables for the transmission of Data, Voice and Video. Our service sector portfolio includes network Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning, Project management and consultancy.

  • Copper Cabling
  • Copper Patch Panels
  • Fiber Cabling (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Fiber Patch Panels
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Multipair Telephone Cable (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Network Racks
  • Punching Blocks
Network Passive Solutions

Network Active Solutions

Network active solutions

Data, Wireless  & Telephone System

With the broadest range of capabilities from consulting to full systems integration ICON ELV DIV Offers the clients to complete ELV solutions as per their requirements.

Cisco, HP, Ubiquit, Mitel & Avaya

  • Routing
  • Switching
  • Wireless
  • Security
  • Network Management
  • Voice and Unified Communication
  • Data Center Switching

Wireless Network Solution Indoor & Outdoor

Industrial-Strength Wireless System

Intelligent QoS Priority assigned to voice/video for seamless streaming. Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management

Fasteners GEOMET-coated for improved corrosion resistance when compared with zinc-plated fasteners.

Dish and brackets Made of galvanized steel that is powder‑coated for superior corrosion resistance.

Optional support In high-wind environments, you can enhance support with additional hardware.

Indoor Wireless Solution Standalone and Controller based, mesh, and seamless roaming

Outdoor Wireless solution Mesh, Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint

Wireless Network Solution

LED Video Walls & Score Boards

LED Video Walls & Score Boards

Intelligent front access All Modules, Power Supplies, and internal electronics and cables are replaceable from the front

Full Redundancy Power, Data and the control system can be wired for increased reliability.

System Monitoring LED Module, Power and Data health are Automatically monitored

  • Automatic Calibration
  • Indoor and Outdoor LED Video wall
  • Video Advertisement LED Screen
  • Indoor and Outdoor Scoreboards
  • Indoor Digital Signage

Master Clock System

ICON Contracting CO. provides complete solutions for Centralized clock System. We have high quality, cost-effective clock system and precise time solutions for clocks, computers, network and other devices. We are providing open standard IRIG / SMPT Time Codes or NTP (Network Time Protocol) including the IEEE 802.3af standard for PoE (Power over Ethernet).

  • Our Solutions
  • Central Clock System
  • Clock & Bell System
  • Wireless clock system
  • Digital Led Clock
  • Analogue Clock 
Master Clock System

Turnstile Solutions

Turnstile Solutions

We are specialized  in Tripod turnstile, Optical swing turnstile, Optical flap turnstile Full height turnstile, Barrier gate solutions.

  • Full Height Turnstile
  • Optical Swing Turnstile
  • Optical Flap Turnstile
  • Tripod Turnstile
  • Security Bollards
  • Smart Lock
  • Tyre Killer
  • Metal Detector
  • Road Blocker
  • Thermal Camera

Queue Management System

Queue management system is used to Control queues.

Queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area.

  • Fully integrated structure of virtual and physical touch points throughout the customer journey.
  • Designed to communicate, engage, connect, and inform customers and employees.
  • Supports and improves each touch-point with help from integrated business intelligence.
Queue Management System

IP TV & SMA TV System

IP TV & SMA TV System

ICON Contracting Co. full-service turn-key broadcast and multimedia solutions provider, offering an extensive range of e-solutions to broadcasters, hotels, universities and hospitals worldwide, as well as a one-stop provider of a complete array of IP video and audio solutions, including design, end-to-end integration and support.

  • PTV headend server
  • DVB-to-IP Gateways
  • Analog-to-IP Gateways
  • Digital Signage
  • Video On Demand

Fire alarm System

A fire alarm is a unit made of several devices, which uses visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide occurrence in the area of coverage. Fire alarms are usually set in fire alarm systems to provide zonal coverage for residences and commercial buildings. The warning signal is either a loud siren/bell or a flashing light, or it can include both. Some fire alarm systems use additional warnings, such as sending a voice message or making a phone call.

  • Conventional Fire Alarm System
  • Addressable Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Extinguishing Control panel
  • Audio and visual notification System
  • Automated Fire doors
Fire alarm System

Car Park Control and Guidance System

Car Park Control and Guidance System

Parking guidance and information systems, or car park guidance systems, present drivers with dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. The systems combine traffic monitoring, communication, processing and variable message sign technologies to provide the service.

Modern parking lots utilize a variety of technologies to help motorists find unoccupied parking spaces, car location when returning to the vehicle and improve their experience. This includes adaptive lighting sensors and parking space led indicators (red for occupied, green for available and blue is reserved for the disabled; above every parking space), and indoor positioning system (IPS).