Renewable Solutions

Renewable Energy

Electricity produced by solar cells is clean and silent, a PV system can be constructed to any size based on energy requirements

Types of PV


Small-scale solar plants can take advantage of unused space on rooftops of existing buildings. Solar energy is a locally available renewable resource.

A PV system can be constructed to any size based on energy requirements.

920 x 690 pv
Photovoltaic Panels (PV)
Used for energy production to feed into the grid, also includes roof mounted PVs installed on PV stands that also feed the utility grid
Usually ground mounted in large open spaces
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Building Integrated PV (BIPV)
PV arrays integrated into the building itself, primarily attached directly on rooftops, windows, or walls
Work well for retrofits or remodels and are also appropriate for new construction or major renovation
Energy produced is used for building consumption with a possibility of extraction from utility grid as well
In BIPV all energy produced is consumed by building
Partnering with globally approved brands, we provide intelligent and integrated BMS that can efficiently connect HVAC, lighting, security, and other automated systems deployed in any building

Our Services

Feasibility analysis and Site assessment
Technology selection
Optimized design solutions based on requirements
Grid Code Compliance
Skilled design team
Optimal equipment selection
Quality control
Approved and certified product selection
Strong vendor relationships
Project Planning, Management, and execution
Timeline driven project completion
Site and work quality monitoring
Highest safety standards


Utility Scale

Large-scale solar farms feeding directly into the utility grid


Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems to supply energy to a project or the grid


Rooftop PV, grid-connected or battery storage, for clean energy for your facility

Solar PV Hybrid Solutions

Power systems that combine solar power from a photovoltaic system with another energy source