Our Products

Our Products

Toilet Cubicles & Locker Systems

ICON promotes Toilet Compartments & Locker Systems used in the wet areas like toilets, changing & shower rooms.

We provide only the highest quality brands:

Schafer, our german brand, was founded in 1928 as carpenter’s workshop, and during the 70’s it moved to toilet partitions.

Endura, manufactured by the leader in the Gulf region, Al Salam Furnitures.

The commonly used materials for these systems are solid grade laminates and extremely hard wearing material, so it is excellent in high traffic areas and high moisture & humidity environments.

Durable Even in Tough Environments

Self-supporting, Dimensionally Stable

Lots of Color and Design Options

Machines to a High Standard

ICON represents these products from the below mentioned Manufacturers:

Wall Protection Systems

ICON offers the most complete and effective Wall Protection Systems that protect building interiors from relentless damage to the walls. Elji International range has been created to protect, support and decorate the interiors of buildings whilst  reducing the ongoing maintenance cost to a minimum.

Designed for use in areas like athletics, education, healthcare, retail, and car park applications.

Engineered to provide exceptional life-cycle value, saving time and money over time by reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Types of Wall Protection Systems

Wall & Corner Guards (Vinyl & Rubber)
Rubber Wheel Stopper
Rubber Speed Humps
Rubber Tiles

Expansion Joint Covers

ICON supplies a wide range of expansion joint covers for simple usage in connection with architectural requirements. There are profiles for many different types of joint to satisfy the needs of thermal expansion/contraction in indoor and outdoor floors, walls and ceilings. Joints are made to withstand frequent vehicle and pedestrian traffic and, in some cases, even to withstand heavy loads.

We offer various architectural line of thermal, seismic, waterproof and fire rated expansion joint systems and entrance mats meeting the aesthetic and structural demands of airports, hospitals, shopping malls and other building types.

Our “Total Engineered Solutions” approach provides design and installation support to architects, engineers and contractors using different reputable brands such as the Turkish ARFEN.

Cementitious Building Materials

ICON represents Dry Mortar Company (DMC), the leading pre-mixed mortar and adhesives producer in Saudi Arabia with an emphasis on quality and complete system integration.

Our LEED certified products use the latest German mixing technology combined with the finest raw materials sourced from Saudi Arabia and suitable for all construction project stages to create the perfect system for Middle Eastern conditions.


Tile Fix & Adhesives
Natural Paints