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As Wavetec’s partner in Kuwait, we work with you to optimize your customer’s experience with virtual queue management, appointment booking, people counting solutions, analytics, and data that is integrated with your existing systems. Wavetec has 20+ years of experience with a wide range of world-class clients. The solutions are highly scalable so you can start small and expand your solution as required or as your customers and staff expectations evolve.


Virtual Queue Management Solutions


People Counting System

SafeQ People Counting Solution combines the intelligence of high-tech cameras and state of the art software, that is dedicated to provide a cost effective and efficient way to manage long queues and crowded waiting areas.


SafeQ People Counting is a cost effective, easy to deploy solution, designed to ensure optimal customer footfall with enough room to distance themselves from other people nearby.

Safe-Q virtual queuing solutions are part of technological initiatives taken by Wavetec to enable safe physical distancing. It doesn’t matter if your customers arrive unplanned or do not have a smartphone. With Safe-Q, everyone will be able to be part of a virtual queue and will be able to wait for their turn safely. Once their turn arrives, they will be notified via SMS, WhatsApp or even an email.

  • Integrated with Web Appointments & Ticketing

  • Lobby Leader/Doorman App

  • Customer Calling/Check-in App

  • Integrated Feedback System

  • QR Enabled Queuing & Appointments

  • Digital Signage for Queue Information

  • WhatsApp & SMS Queue Notifications

  • Dashboards & Reporting

Smart Online Appointment, Booking and Scheduling

Wavetec’s cloud based online appointment, booking and scheduling solution that is simple, easy and convenient for you and your customers.


Ensure you are connected with your customers even before they arrive. With Wavetec’s appointment solution, your customers can connect from anywhere, from booking to check-in to rescheduling and canceling an appointment. This helps you to minimize customer wait times and give top quality service to your customers.


Virtual Queuing Via WhatsApp

Have an integrated virtual queuing solution with WhatsApp, the most popular app for instant messaging. Wavetec is the first company to offer its customers with a unique experience of this innovative queuing experience.


Data Analytics, Dashboards & Reports

Our technology is powered by Spectra - an enterprise software that seamlessly integrates with all applications to minimize customer efforts across all channels and touch points, ensuring a seamless experience every time a customer visits your branch.

Spectra will change the way your business operates at the sharp end where the customers are. We put you in central control of your customer experience with real-time actionable insights, dashboards and reports.


Customer Feedback

Customer needs and expectations are constantly evolving, and thus customer feedback is vital for customer centric businesses. Wavetec’s Opinion Plus is the key to extract data about customers’ experiences and find out what they expect from you. Opinion Plus is an advanced customer feedback system that serves to bridge the gap between you and your customer’s perceived value of your service. Moreover, it also leverages you to use the feedback to master the customer service experience.


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